Best Trekking packages in Rishikesh, near Shivpuri Uttarakhand

Trekking In Rishikesh:

Best Trekking packages in Rishikesh, near Shivpuri Uttarakhand

Rishikesh is not very much famous for trekking. But you can find some exiting trek here. Here you can do jungle trek and village trek. In that you can find some unforgettable movement. It that rout of trekking you explore the natural place nearby the Rishikesh.

Jungle trek which is started from shivpuri to Nigarhgarh fall is very famous between the visitors.It’s a picnic place where you can do body surfing and lots of other activity.

One more trek is village trek which is complementary with your river rafting package it’s a part of eco tourism in which you can see the life style of Indian village. Eco tourism is promoted by the Government of Uttarakhand.

Rishikesh derives its name from the sanskrit word “Rishi-kesh”, meaning a place (kesh means "hair") where typically tirtha rishis came for tapas, learning and doing penance.

It is situated at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas on River Ganga in Garhwal. It is a Hindu pilgrimage site and centre of Kumbha Mela contest every year.

Some trekking trails that can interest you are :

Trekking in Rishikesh helps people experience the real beauty of Uttarakhand. The region is known for its lush green riverbanks and ferries, scenic mountain ranges and imposing rock formations.

A lot of organic trekking trails are there in the area, some of them are easily accessible while others require higher degrees of fitness and stamina to complete. Experienced trekkers can enjoy mountain climbing, interesting rock exhibitions, beautiful rivers etc.

Everyone can discover new people who they never knew existed in this area while trekking through dirt roads closer to their heart.

Trekking in Rishikesh is a huge adventure as well as trekking in Himalayas. Rishikesh provides a number of different regions which are rich in emerald green bushes, rapids and hills greenery, etc. Here are some of the best trails from where you can venture through and experience the magnificence of nature.

The region hosts many treks that have become my favourite among these may include the Laxman Jharola Trek and meandering towards Ghangaria. But only one who has coveted trails like Kanachal, Hemkalda, Horal Gada, Nudar Harfiyan (Mallon region), etc., will know what all to expect at Rishikesh

Here we are presenting some treks with various levels of difficulty that can be done in Rishikesh.

Bhairav Mandir Temple Trek

The trek culminates at the strategic location on the hills at one end of Rishikesh, beyond which you will find Himmatnagar and Rajaji National Park. It is a beautiful trek worth it, from the panoramic views from the ridges, to occasional sightings of hares, to allurements and temptations around each corner. The trail snake between cottages nestled in olive green forests obscuring incredible views.

The difficulty level extends from moderate to difficult where there is a lot of variation in terms of gradient change as well as day and night hikes while crossing through several delicate meadows full of flowers

Gupta Kanda Village Trek

It has an interesting story associated with it, who rules or dwells in this fort? Nobody really knows but one thing is for sure there are old

Trek through the snow-topped Himalayas, sleep in a village perched on a hill for typical village lifestyle, cycle and picnic on the Thapli Wheat Fields and more.


Best Trekking packages in Rishikesh, near Shivpuri Uttarakhand

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