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Jungle Camps in Rishikesh


The riverside jungle camp located in Rishikesh is situated within the Neelkanth valley. It is a beautiful riverside campsite located on the outskirts of Rishikesh and right next to Rajaji National Park, giving the impression of a natural area. The sounds of the water flowing from the rivulet are heard throughout the day. It is also an unnatural jacuzzi that is a place to relax throughout the day without worrying about world concerns. You can also go birdwatching in Rishikesh. Neelkanth valley is where you can find a variety of unique Himalayan birds, including the Great Indian Hornbill, Kingfishers and Himalayan Bulbul.

The camp is a perfect base to experience the adventurous activities available in Rishikesh. It is possible to hike to the waterfall, as the closest waterfall hidden is only a mile from the camp. The low hills of the Himalayas surrounding the campsite are ideal for climbing and rappelling in Rishikesh, which beginners can enjoy.

If you're interested in extreme activities, Rishikesh offers one of Asia's most thrilling Bungee jumping locations. Rishikesh's Bungee Station is located just six Kms distance from the campsite. Last but not least, River Rafting in Rishikesh and Cliff Jumping are things you must not leave out. Various indoor and outdoor games on the grounds keep you entertained for hours.

We have hosted numerous corporate adventure events, gatherings and team-building activities at our camping sites in Rishikesh. The requirements for conferences at the campsite, our conference room can hold more than 125 guests and is equipped with a modern audio/video facility. We are among the most prominent camps in Rishikesh, often hosting corporate functions for companies such as Reliance Communications, Religare, Intec Capital, Sapient, Standard Chartered, etc.

The camp is ideal for couples, group of friends, Families with children, Corporate groups, College Trips, School groups and Children Summer Camps.

Facilities at Riverside Jungle Camp in Rishikesh



Camp in Rishikesh offers accommodations in Tents.
The meals are served Buffet Style in the huge Dining Area.
Snacks are served at the Bonfire with music in the background.
On-site Rock Face for Rope activities Rock Climbing/Rappelling
On-site setting up for Zip-lining/Valley Crossing
DJ service available upon request (for big groups and only)
Large conference Hall equipped with audio/video facility (Capacity of 125 people)
The camping area is secured, and enough lighting is provided all around
Fixed running water in the Indian and Western toilets.
- Electricity Backup through Gensets

Camping in rishikesh
Camp Nature View

Rs1600/- Rs2,200Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting,camping , All meals

Camp In Rishikesh
Rishikesh Cottages

Rs /-Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting, camping

Rishikesh Tour Packages
Luxury Jungle Camp

Rs /- Rs2,200Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting,camping , All meals


Jungle Camp hill queen near neer water fall
Camp Hill Queen

Rs 2000/- Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting, camping, and all adventure.

River Rafting Packages
River Side Resort

Rs 3000/-Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
17 KMS rafting,camping ,and all adventure

Rishikesh Tour Packages
Luxury Forest Camp

Rs /- Rs2,200Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting,camping , All meals


Jungle camping is one of the few untouched places in Rishikesh. With minimal pollution, wild animals and scenic jungle views for miles, you can picture yourself as Tarzan in these woods!

Apart from providing some off-grid activity time to enjoy an experience of a lifetime, being surrounded by the free tranquil environment of jungle offers you many health benefits. What is more? The experience will turn into a lifelong memory every time you get back home.

Jungle and camping are two adjectives that don’t usually come together. They might not seem like they are a perfect match at first but in actuality they make for an adventurous getaway to meet your wild side! Camping under fluorescent stars and getting close to the wildlife will never darken your doorstep again when special memories like these exist.


The first step towards the best camp site is some good hunting. And in Rishikesh, you need to head deep into the jungle if you want to find that.

If you are not going camping but still want to explore, a hike through the jungle is a must for you. You can view some of the most interesting wildlife that has only chosen to stay in this forest along with lush green forests and tranquil rivers ��


Irrespective of the type of person you may be, jungle camping in Rishikesh has one thing that is crucial: experience.

Just like any other place in India, Rishikesh is a tourist destination not just for its temples but also for its diversity. If you are looking out over the mountains, dusty plains and above the teeming hubs these destinations represent rewards your intellect and sensibilities.

In this respect, what better place to explore than the jungle landscape? And it's an understatement to say that there is a lot more to this than hiking trails and photography assignments – because yes: there are so many more dimensions to it as well!


This section is on jungle camping in Rishikesh. Now if you're in a hurry, you can stop right here. This section is not for you. Jungle camping is an adventurous trend that has been gaining in popularity as of late and it might sound like something completely foreign to you right now and seem like a daunting task even worth attempting- but it's also an experience that can be very rewarding.

Jungle camping is an eco-friendly camping style which doesn't harm the environment.

It's the perfect way to experience nature and take back unforgettable memories from your journey. You'll be surprised how many animals you'll see in Rishikesh!


Jungle Camp in Rishikesh is the site where many people have satiated their thirst for adventure at heavenly heights. With a gradual increase in such an adventure has increased among youth over the past few years.

Many students at colleges and schools across North India used to prefer this over other travels like hostel accommodations, which were comparably cheap and risky, while they are quite expensive but equally safe.


With 9.8 km long, kyntharaka boulders and the rocky wilderness merging with the chilling streams of the Ganges, this jungle campsite offers you a thrilling jungle trekking experience along with exploration of Rishikesh’s Eco-tourism circuit.

Kyntharaka campsite is strategically located at a distance of 10kms from Rishikesh on NH 58 near Chandraprabha Bird Sanctuary and 7Kms from Shankraali – 7 Hrs drive from New Delhi Airport.

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