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Rock Climbing Activity:

Rock Climbing adventure sports activity | Rock Climbing in Rishikesh

Mountaineering and rock climbing are fantastic sports that allow you to face new challenges every step. The Shivpuri is ideal for those who enjoy mountaineering and other adventure activities. You can satisfy your desire to climb or mountaineer, and Shivpuri (Rishikesh), is the place for you.


Rockclimbing is the most exciting outdoor activity that provides adrenaline rush with feeling of accomplishment. Inspired by the great ancient warriors, Rishikesh rocks gives a challenging climb to all rock climbers.

its been a while since ive been to rockclimbis in rishikesh, there is a lot off fun had bewbwe reaching hte summit.

Rock climbing is the most popular outdoor sports activity in the world. The scenery of hills and valleys with slanting sandstone rocks make it quite engaging for an adventurer.

Rock climbing is said to have originated from European alpine mountain climbers in the late 19th century and early 20th century

The forum, I would like to specifically discuss about rock climbing in Rishikesh. Climbing Rocks in Rishikesh can be done as part of adventure tourism

Each house has a small garden which varies in height

With easy access, rock climbing becomes easier because one needs not to search for long periods of time a suitable vertical lane or wall

First off in order to climb a rockclimbing is one of the fun yet skilled adventurous lifestyle that you can take up. Rockclimbing defines as using climbing equipment (ropes) and anchors (bolts) to ascend from the ground at the base of a rock formation to a high point.


Here are some of the most common spots for professionals along with amateurs alike -

- Bhanu, an account that provides impressive rock climbing trails for expert rock climbers

- Paoni, said to be one of India’s best spot for beginner climbers along with breathtaking views.

- Naini, challenging crags and routes at heart of this long established site

- Pamfort. The next favorite spot the entire place is dotted around with boulder fields so no beginning all over again

Rock Climbing Tips

Rock climbing is not for everyone. It requires tolerance, support and encouragement. When you begin rock climbing, you must choose the right target for your strength and stamina. This adventure thrill is enjoyed by thousands of tourists every year. Tourists should take the session before they attempt rock climbing. This session will teach you the techniques of adventure sports. You must be mentally and physically strong to rock climb.

Many groups specialize in adventure sports like rock climbing. They can guide you and teach you how to make these adventures fun.

Adventure Activities

Rishikesh offers many adventure activities, including river crossing, rappelling and rock climbing, valley crossing, cliff jumping, kayaking, biking, trekking, and many others.

Rock Climbing adventure sports activity

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    Starting price of rock climbing is 250per person at rishikesh.

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