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Kayaking in RishikeshKayaking in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, is a thrilling adventure activity. Kayaking requires the use of a kayak (or plastic boat) to navigate across the water with a paddle or double-bladed blade oar. Learn kayaking from the best Indian paddlers in Rishikesh. You will return home with a good understanding of river and boat control skills. This activity will be a hobby you will treasure for the rest of your life. Continue reading to learn more about this thrilling and exciting activity.


The adventure sport of Kayaking can be simple where you kayak across gently moving water. Or you can also choose a more demanding expedition where you can challenge upper grade white water. Ganges river rapids have been categorized into different grades according to the difficulty level. They have been classified from Grade I (simplest, slightly moving water) to Grade VI (almost unrunnable water).

Adventure lovers can choose a grade according to their physical stamina and age. Though the sport requires minimal skills, you should have an instructor with your to educate you about the basic techniques. Kayaks come in different shapes and sizes. There are different types of this adventure sport. When you enjoy kayaking along rivers and lakes, it is called recreational kayaking. If you have any doubt about which grade you should go for, you can always consult instructors for useful advice.


The sport of kayaking does not require you to use a lot of equipment. There is minimal gear you need to be equipped with. Basic equipments used include kayak boat, a paddle and a life jacket. Waterproof bags also are very useful to stuff your essentials into. Since you will enjoy recreational Rishikesh kayaking , you do not need much equipment like you do on an ocean kayaking trip.

The kayak, the boat used during the adventure, can be operated by one or two people. The operator can comfortably sit inside the kayak, with legs stretched out in front. Since majority of kayaks are closed, the lower portion of the operator's body remains hidden inside the kayak. You can easily use the paddle to move the kayak and move along the water body and white water.

White water kayaking requires you to keep a couple of things in mind. Since the river rapids have been classified into Grade I to Grade VI, you need to choose a grade that goes perfectly well with your individual preferences. The most important thing to remember while kayaking is that you have to prevent the kayak from capsizing. It can be difficult getting out of the kayak, as compared to getting out of a canoe or a raft. Be accompanied by an instructor who will guide you properly and will let you have an enjoyable adventure trip to Rsihikesh



  • Price Of Activity : Rs. 3500 Per Day Trip
  • Location Of Activity:  Rishikesh.
  • Duration Of Activity 2.5 hrs in a one Day.
  • Min. Age for Activity: Above 15 Yrs.
  • Max. Weight for Activity: Below 96 Kgs.
  • Timing of Activity 09:30 AM to 02:30 PM.

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Introduction :- Kayaking

01 Day

Course:-Beginner Kayaking

03 Days

Course :- Intermediate Kayaking

05 Days

Course :- Advanced Kayaking

Eighteen days while Water Kayaking can be a thrilling sport activity for adrenaline and junkies. It may seem challenging to navigate the rapids at first. Navigating these waters with practice and thoughtful learning from experienced instructors is possible. Your kayaking activity sharp skills will take you to a position you've never been before. Learn with Glacier Tours.

Courses for Kayaking Included

  • From kayaking office to rafting endpoints, travel arrangements
  • All equipment for kayaking: Kayaks, spray decks, wet suits, paddles, helmets, and so on.
  • Kayaking instructors are certified.
  • All safety and rescue support required
  • First aid kit.

Kayaking Course Excludes:-

  • All types of accommodation.
  • Beverages and meals
  • It is possible to arrange travel between a base town and a kayaking office.
  • Unexpected circumstances, like bad weather, bad roadblocks, etc., may result in additional costs.
  • Expenses Personal, such as extra meals and beverages, etc.
  • Medical insurance or adventure travel.
  • Additional costs for medical evacuations, illness, or injury.
  • Anything not included in the inclusions

Kayaking Accommodations:-

  • Camps If your goal is to be close to our office for kayaking , then camping in Rishikesh may be the right choice. Learn more  Rishikesh Camping
  • The most popular option to learn Rishikesh kayaking is at the Beach Camps. These camps are where we operate our kayaking Training Center, so you don't have to travel far. This activity is the best option for Rishikesh. Learn more  Beach Camp in Rishikesh
  • Hotel/Rooms in Rishikesh , shivpuri - Hotels or guest-houses can also be used as accommodation. You can also find Dormitory rooms in Rishikesh and Shivpuri.

Courses For Kayaking at Rishikesh

Our kayaking courses suit all paddlers, regardless of their skill level. The courses can be divided into beginner sessions, introductory lessons, and intermediate. Camp Nature View offers whitewater kayaking training in the Himalayas region. Here are the details for the 3 Best Kayaking Schools in Rishikesh

White Water Kayaking Introduction

This course is for you if you've never tried White water Kayaking or are just starting in the water Activity. This course is a Whitewater Kayaking introduction . This course is entirely taught on flat water using short, maneuverable kayaks. This course will introduce you to Whitewater Kayaking. It will also teach you the basics of Whitewater Kayaking.

  • Duration of activity:-  01 Days.
  • Difficulty of activity:-Level { I }.
  • What you'll do activity: Kayaking techniques such as holding a kayak, balancing, and using basic strokes.

Course:- Beginner Kayaking

Rishikesh's beginner kayaking class is designed to teach you how to kayak in whitewater. This class teaches paddlers how to paddle in flat and slow-moving water. You may be able to take a kayak down Grade II or III rapids after this course.

  • Duration of activity:- 02-03 Days.
  • What you'll do activity: advanced strokes, Eskimo roll and wet exit, paddling techniques.
  • Difficulty of activity Level:- II.

Course: Intermediate Kayaking

Are you already familiar with whitewater kayaking? Do you want to be more confident on whitewater in Classes 2 and 3? The Intermediate Course for Kayaking will help you make this happen. Some fantastic whitewater sections in India will allow you to learn and improve your fundamental skills.

  • Duration of activity:- 05 to07 Days.
  • Eligibility for activity:- You must have experience in kayaking Class 2 whitewater. You will kayak on various rivers for approximately 4-5 hours daily. This course requires that you have some level of paddling fitness and stamina.
  • Difficulty Level activity:- III.

Course :- Advanced Kayaking

The Advanced Courses for Kayaking Class { III - IV } is designed to help you run all types of whitewater, including technical, continuous, and large volumes. It combines our extensive coaching experience and knowledge of the area and rivers. This course will give you the foundation to improve your technique, learn more about river running and help you understand the more difficult whitewater.

  • Duration of activity:-15 to 27 Days.
  • Eligibility of activity:- You must have experience in kayaking Class 2 whitewater. You will kayak on various rivers for approximately 4-5 hours daily. This course requires that you have some level of paddling fitness and stamina.
  • Difficulty Level of activity:-IV.

How To Book Courses for Kayaking at Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is a adventure lovers dream Spot for most travelers. It is known for its breathtaking beauty and adventure activities.

You can easily book Rishikesh kayaking by following these steps.

  1. Send an inquiry on WhatsApp with your travel dates, the number of adults, and any other requirements or queries. To send an inquiry about this campsite, you can also fill out the form below.
  2. Get More Details on WhatsApp and the quote for your query.
  3. To confirm your booking, a 40% advance is required.
  4. Receive a confirmation message from your WhatsApp with all details, including the address and navigation on the map.
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Kayaking Rishikesh, India

Adventure Activity Kayaking is a prevalent water sport. The Ganga River, at the foothills of the Himalayas, is where tourist can experience one of the best of this adventure sport. Rishikesh is the capital of Indian Rafting and the best place in India to kayak.

All levels of kayaking activity seekers can benefit from our kayaking trip courses. You can choose to have your Kayaking course in either group or private settings. They are available at any time that suits you best. All Courses of Kayaking at Rishikesh include transport to and from the starting point and ending point, all kayaking gear, life jackets, helmets, life jackets, kayaks, paddles, wet suits, and safety guide fees.

Kayaking Activity is an incredible way to get your adrenaline pumping, a sport that is high in adrenaline and has the Himalayas as its backdrop. Uttarakhand's Rishikesh is the ideal place to go Kayaking White Water on the Ganga Rapids. If you want to experience or learn this activity, there are three options for kayaking Rishikesh. There are three kayaking courses: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Join us for our next Kayaking trip if you want to try this thrilling sport! Everyone should try Rishikesh kayaking in India, at least once.


People Also Asking About


    We offer private and group kayaking sessions. You can schedule them when it is most convenient for your schedule. We can provide the required package if you book Rishikesh camping and kayaking.


    Only INR 3500 per day for kayaking . This package will provide you with a great experience in kayaking. It includes top-quality equipment and expert kayaking instructors.


    Rishikesh kayaking packages do not include meals. You can include a hot lunch to your package for an additional fee. You can also consider Rishikesh's camping options if you want a complete package that includes accommodation and meals. Rishikesh's best place to learn kayaking is at the beach camps.


    Swimming costume, Waterproof sandals or sandals with a secure back strap, Windcheater Jacket, Quick drying clothes.


    Kayaking in Rishikesh requires children to be at least 15 years old. Kayaking in Rishikesh is prohibited for anyone under 15 years of age.


    Glacier TOur Rishikesh is the meeting point for Rishikesh kayaking. Rishikesh can be reached easily by public transport and shared taxis.


    Many challenging rapids on the Ganges in Rishikesh can be used to begin a kayaking trip. You don't have to be an expert to choose the right rapid for you. For years, we have organized fun kayaking trips in Rishikesh. Before we take you into the rapids, we will introduce you to the basics of kayaking, including turning strokes, paddling strokes, and balance.


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