• River Rafting In Rishikesh

    CAMP - Night Stay Camp Top Valley Adventure Package
    Duration: 1 Night Starting Price Rs. 1,750 per person

River Rafting In Rishikesh

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Camping in rishikesh
Camp Nature View

Rs1200/- Rs2,200Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting,camping , All meals


Camp In Rishikesh cottages
Rishikesh Cottages

Rs /-Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting,camping ,and all adventure


River Rafting Packages
River Side Resort

Rs 3000 /-Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
17 KMS rafting,camping ,and all adventure


Jungle Camping
Jungle Camp 1

Rs 2000 /- Per Perosn
1Night /2Days.
16 KMS rafting, camping, and all adventure.


Brahmpuri to Rishikesh

Rs. 1000 /| 1 Night / 2 Days
9 Kms River Rafting
Meals:-Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner
Adventure sports/Activity:-Trekking, Rafting, ganga Body Surfing, Cliff Jumping,
Camps Sports/Activity:- Volleyball, camp Bonfire, Camping activity, camp games.
View more>>Brahmpuri Rafting

River Rafting Shivpuri

Rs. 1200 / | 1 Night / 2 Days
16 Kms River Rafting,

Meals:- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Adventure Sports:- Rafting, Treking, Cliff Jumping, Body Surfing at ganga,
Camp Sports/ Activity:- Camp Volleyball, camps Bonfire ,All Camping activity, beach games.
view more >> Shivpuri Rafting

Rafting in Marin Drive

Rs..1600 /| 1 Night / 2 Days
24 Km River Rafting,
Adventure Sports/Activity:-Trekking , 24 kms Raft,Cliff Jumping, Body Surfing ,
Camp Activity:-Camp activity, camp Bonfire ,Play Volleyball, Camp games.
view more >>Marindrive Rafting

Top Adventure Sports Activities in Rishikesh

Bungee Jumping
Rs 3400/--Height:-83 M
AGE:Above 12 Yrs.
Weights:-35kg to 110 kg
More >> Bungee Jump

The adventure sports of descending down to rock, relying 100% on the equipment, is called rappelling. Like rappelling in Rishikesh is also great fun.
Cliff Jumping
Paintball is a sport activity in which players can compete, in individually or teams .
Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing / Mountaineering are a breathtaking adventure that lets you face challenge at every step you move ahead.

Useful Information & Rishikesh Rafting Safety Tips

Rafting and camping in Rishikesh now attract thousands of professional sports hunting travellers every year.The excitement and enjoyment of Shivpuri river rafting deals are out of any adverse situation. It has a feeling like no other in the natural configuration of the magnificent landscape. White water rafting is currently a trending action in the world and attracts all customers.

Rafting is different from your regular athletic experience activities and in itself provides a more specific encounter and unforgettable experience. Rafting is a more well-known recreational action plus, which must be at least 14 years of age to do. But being a swimmer is not a requirement to try this excellent adventure water sports activity. You will find four different starting points of Rishikesh River Rafting, which range from basic to challenging. As a result, you may have four specific places to choose from other points.

Best Time For River Rafting Package in Rishikesh

Rafting is conducted in Rishikesh every year from 15 September to 30 June. It is India's first and leading River Rafting tour operator (company).

We supply beneficial and useful information on the subject of travel, such as white water rafting, beachfront and woods and high-end camping and trekking and paintball and bungee-jump and seashore volleyball and climbing and wrapping and cliff jumping and human body Things of yoga and trekking in the browsing yoga metropolis. We make Saturday, and Sunday getaway and excursion preparation easy!

The oldest early and spiritual metropolis of white water rafting, ashrams and temples, would be appropriately renowned for attaining diversity. Could it be that the tranquil and holy river Ganga Maa, ghats, ritual festivals and prayers, yoga and meditation centres are the things, but it is one of the famous areas where everyone can only ignore self-love and adventure ultimately Could? Excellent sports and adventure vacation destination Rishikesh is famous for Dehradun as well as a renowned tourist place located in the foothills of the Himalayas at a distance of 280 km from New Delhi.


How to reach Rishikesh for Rafting : -

By Road:- Delhi to Rishikesh 250 kms far.

By Rail:- The nearest railway are Haridwar and Rishikesh. Rishikesh is the fastest approach to rafting in the future.

By Air:-The Jolly Grant of Rishikesh is the nearest airport from 20 km.

12 Kms :-:: Rs. 400 Per Person
16 Kms:-:: Rs. 600 Per Pax
24 Kms:-:: Rs. 1000 Per Person
Useful Information

Carry for Camping & River Rafting in Rishikesh
Swimming costume, drying shorts
Battery Torch
Odomas, Antiseptic Cream.
Waterproof disposable camera .

We provide Rafting Gears & Assistance
Rafting Guide & Splash life jackets.
Helmets & rafting gears
Other required safety accessories
River Rafting Season in Rishikesh
September to June

Rishikesh Road Distance Chart

Delhi to Rishikesh: 240kms.
Haridwar -: Rishikesh: 25kms.
Dehradun -: Rishikesh: 44kms .
Mussoorie -: Rishikesh: 78kms .
Meerut -: Rishikesh: 170kms.
Rudraprayag -: Rishikesh: 139kms.
Joshimath -: Rishikesh: 252kms.
Lansdown -: Rishikesh: 109kms .

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Rishikesh famous dangerous rapids and difficulty level on the ganga :-

daniel's dip , golf course and club house, good morning, money cross, double trouble, great wall (risk involved ).

Adventure Activities at Rishikesh Uttarakhand India :-

bungee jumping

camping in rishikesh

Earth Travels

Earth Travels is one of the fastest expanding online holiday agent in Rishikesh.We are supplying all travel-related adventure and pilgrimages to Rishikesh since March 2005.

Earth Conservation is one of the most prestigious and earliest representatives in Rishikesh. Our vision is to enhance Rafting in Rishikesh and Uttaranchal in the planet by arranging tour package deals in Rishikesh apart from most tour packs and rafting price tag bundles in India.

Our main objective will be to make your Rishikesh Rafting event unforgettable. We are additionally providing airline tickets, bus tickets, and Rishikesh Tourism is amid our initiative to be a tour representative to offer relevant advice throughout Rishikesh Haridwar.

You will get all kinds of getup bundles of Rishikesh Haridwar with this particular deck. Rishikesh is now a sacred and official pilgrimage holiday destination for most Hindu men and women. Rishikesh can also be one of the most prominent tourist spots in Uttaranchal.

It is indeed one of those six holiest and astronomical places for many Hindus and Indians. Rishikesh is now a sacred and pilgrimage metropolis inhabiting a vast area in the hearts of most Hindus.

We located in the foothills of the Western Himalayas in the sacred Chandrabhaga and Prayag of the Ganges.

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